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We start by consulting with you to create the most cost-effective, efficient and convenient waste management solution. And because there’s no “one-size-fits-all” on-site solution, we’ll devise a tailored programme that fits your unique businessneeds and helps you and your team get back to business.


Here is the process we follow for the best, most cost-effective results:

ASSESS We evaluate your needs and put together an on site programme using sustainable and ethical solutions.
PROVIDE We provide the necessary equipment and trained staff to sort your waste on site.
EXTRACT Our team maximises the extraction of recyclables, thereby maximising your income generated from the recyclables recovered.
TRANSPORT We transport all recyclable material to one of Mpact Recycling’s 15 branches and remove and evaluate any refuse that is not recyclable, to find sustainable non-landfill disposal alternatives including composting and waste-to-energy solutions.
COMPLIANT All your waste is removed from your premises in a manner that is legally compliant and cost effective.
REPORTING Your business receives detailed reports tracking the volumes of waste recycled.


We collect your recyclables and put them into the recycling stream. These are made into new products. And this keeps the circular economy in motion and also contributes to the SA economy. Did you know that you can earn an income from your recyclable waste? Read how one of our clients, a leading pharmaceutical retailer created a revenue stream from their waste management plan with us – click here for the story.

We take your hazardous waste and dispose of it ethically and safely.

We take your food waste and turn it into compost at one of our composting facilities.

This means a greatly reduced amount of your non-recyclable and food waste goes into landfill, alleviating the burden on SA’s full-to-capacity landfills. Together, we are transforming your waste for the greater good, all whilst enabling your company to get back to its core business.

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Did you know that we offer a free waste audit?

We come to you to assess your unique needs and will tailor a solution to suit your business.