Recycling makes a difference.
Again and again and again.

Our close partnership with Mpact Recycling allows us to offer you an efficient, trusted service for collections.

As part of the Mpact Waste Management solution, all the paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans sorted from your waste will be delivered to one of Mpact Recycling’s 15 branches nationwide, where it will be weighed, sorted and baled.

Mpact Waste Management will evaluate any refuse that is not recyclable and find sustainable non-landfill disposal alternatives including composting and waste-to energy solutions.

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Our smarter, sustainable solutions mean that we ultimately reduce waste going into landfill. We’re committed to transforming waste into value that enables a better, more sustainable environment for all, and in some cases, businesses are able to create a revenue stream from their waste


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Did you know that we offer a free waste audit?

We come to you to assess your unique needs and will tailor a solution to suit your business.